Welcome to Uxbridge Historical Centre's online collection.

The Uxbridge-Scott Museum & Archives was established near the town of Uxbridge, Ontario, in 1972. Its mandate is to collect, preserve, and display artifacts, documents, and photos that relate to the heritage of the Uxbridge Township area which was formed in 1973 with the union of the former townships of Scott and Uxbridge and Uxbridge Town.

The Museum's collection includes over 6000 artifacts. Highlights of our collection include items manufactured right here in Uxbridge- a'Grand Palace' piano from the Uxbridge Piano and Organ Factory, intricately-carved Gold Medal furniture, and the distinctive 'Quadrodyne' radio. Our collection also includes three unique prisoners' boxes carved by Uxbridge men imprisoned in Toronto for their role in the 1837 Rebellion.

The project to digitize the Museum's collection began in Spring 2013, and with the dedication of staff and volunteers our first items are now available to view online, a first for the Museum! In the upcoming years we are planning to continue digitizing our collection and uploading items to this online Collections Database. Check back regularly to view new items. If you are interested in helping us digitize the Museum's collection, please contact us!

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